hello beautiful mamma, i’m happy you’re here.

My philosophy toward pre & post natal fitness is absolutely about adapting and safely managing the new needs and abilities of your changing body in a supportive, educational, and safe environment.  My sessions/classes will never be focused on "getting your pre-baby body back", or "losing your mommy tummy".  If that's your main goal, then I'm not your trainer. 

What you CAN expect to learn with me is:

  • Proper alignment & breath conducive to healing and strengthening your pelvic floor and optimizing movement

  • To safely exercise with conditions like Diastasis, Pelvic Organ Prolapse, and Incontinence, or post C-Section

  • To progressively add more activity back into your routine, while managing the emotional and physical demands of pregnancy or postpartum

  • How to strength train for mom life and the activities you love most!

  • How to tame your athlete brain that isn't used to listening to your body and respecting the physical demands of childbirth


movement for mamma’s

Level 1 & Level 2

Movement for Mamma’s is a 6 week post natal return to exercise program. In this safe, educational, supportive class you will build the foundation to return to your favourite activities. 

We will heavily focus on breathing strategies, strengthening pelvic floor muscles, re-building core strength, increasing mobility of those over-used mom muscles, and strengthening those under-used...hello glutes and core!   Each session will be intentional, scalable, and progressive.

Baby and Toddlers are welcome!

Currently running:
New sessions begin January 8th, 2019. Contact me for details.


















During this big life transition, energy levels and physical needs fluctuate from day-to-day. One-on-one sessions are a great way to stay moving while being adaptable and intentional to your specific needs. 

PRENATAL Exercise during pregnancy is extremely important and absolutely possible. That said, your body is working over-time to grow a human (NBD), so naturally some modifications might be necessary. Training during the last few months of pregnancy can be very focused on maintaining core strength with appropriate and safe exercises, and getting both stronger and comfortable in certain birthing positions.

POSTNATAL Once baby arrives, the focus should be on bonding with your baby, navigating a new schedule, getting as much rest as you can, and healing. One of the biggest mistakes women make is rushing back into their exercise routines when their body's just aren't ready for it.  I recommend to ease back into exercise at the very least 8 weeks postpartum after being cleared by a Pelvic Floor Physio Therapist (see my local resources).

When you have been cleared to exercise, there still needs to be a transition back into your favourite activities. Your joints might not be back in place, you're sleep deprived, and your pelvic floor just held a baby for 10 months!  Give it some love!

Private sessions can safely address & identify your specific needs and build you back up to the activities you love!  


One of the biggest challenges for new mom's is feeling alone and isolated.  Organizing a small private group training (2-4ppl) with some friends or local moms is a great way to build your support network, while working toward your goals and healing. 

A private group session allows your group to select the time and day you'd like to train, while still getting very individual coaching from me.